ANS­MANN ENERGY — Bat­tery packs, bat­ter­ies, charg­ers and power sup­plies for every device and application

Bat­tery packs, bat­ter­ies, charg­ers and power sup­plies for every device and application

As a sys­tem sup­plier, ANS­MANN spe­cial­izes in the devel­op­ment and man­u­fac­ture of indi­vid­ual and mobile power sup­plies. Based on more than 20 years of expe­ri­ence, we are experts in pro­duc­ing recharge­able bat­ter­ies, bat­tery packs, pri­mary bat­ter­ies, charg­ers and power supplies.

ANS­MANN devel­ops all com­po­nents for hard­ware and soft­ware as well as mechan­i­cal data accord­ing to cus­tomer require­ments. In addi­tion, ANS­MANN cer­ti­fies the sys­tems used (UN-​Transport-​Test). Amongst oth­ers, ANS­MANN works for equip­ment man­u­fac­tur­ers in the area of drive sys­tems, med­ical tech­nolo­gies and gar­den­ing tools. ANS­MANN pro­vides an entire range from stan­dard sys­tem to user-​interface with CAN­BUS, SMBUS, PMBUS, I2C, etc. The pro­duc­tion of com­plete solu­tions takes place at loca­tions in Ger­many and Asia.

Indus­try solu­tions from ANS­MANN stand for:

  • Bespoke sys­tem solu­tions in regard to mobile energy
  • Man­u­fac­tur­ing of recharge­able bat­ter­ies and bat­tery packs (NiMH, Li-​Ion, Li-​Po, lead acid, etc.), pri­mary bat­ter­ies (lithium and alkaline)
  • Adher­ence to com­plete sys­tems accord­ing to inter­na­tional norms (e.g. UN-​Transport-​Test)
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tion via CAN­BUS, SMBUS, PMBUS, I2C, etc.
  • Sys­tem solu­tions (bat­tery packs and charger) accord­ing to med­ical standards
  • Devel­op­ment of power sup­plies and solu­tions for charg­ing (charg­ers and power supplies)

We would be delighted to help develop your bespoke charg­ing tech­nol­ogy or bat­tery pack. Give us your spec­i­fi­ca­tions and we can pro­vide you an offer with no oblig­a­tion to buy.

Prod­ucts of Ans­mann in use:

There are, among other things, sev­eral appli­ca­tion areas for Ans­mann products: