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Gardening tools

Battery driven gardening tools and tool kits are more comfortable to use and more environmentally friendly than their petrol powered counterparts. These types of device are always ready to use, have a long operating time and, in the majority of cases, weigh very little.

ANSMANN have developed and manufacture several components which are ideal for very specific client requirements. We provide professional chargers for interior and exterior use, with suitable protection against moisture (IP level), the latest Li-Ion battery technology with intuitive capacity display and the appropriate approvals.

You can find ANSMANN technology in many applications, including:

  • strimmer with rechargeable battery
  • hedge clippers with rechargeable battery
  • grass shears with rechargeable battery
  • mower with rechargeable battery
  • secateurs with rechargeable battery

ANSMANN are the ideal partner if you are looking to manufacture light and handy gardening tools with a company who has vast experience in this area.

We provide you with high quality electronics, battery packs, chargers and power packs.
In addition, ANSMANN offers complete system solutions with passed UN-Testing.

ANSMANN make always make safety the primary goal of products including, chargers, power supplies and rechargeable battery packs.

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