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The production of battery packs takes place at ANSMANN headquarters in Assamstadt (Germany). The production started at the beginning of 2012 and changed to flow production mid-2013.

The one-piece-flow system guarantees high efficiency in production and testing. A constant control carried out by quality management ensures a consistent high-quality standard of products in line with German quality standards. Since summer 2013 the production department has been working a two-shift production Rota system.

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NiMH rechargeable batteries and battery packs are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.

The advantages of this technology are; robustness, cycle durability, flat discharge curve and low internal resistance. Nickel metal hydride cells are environmentally friendly, do not contain cadmium or lead and can be almost 100% recycled.

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If you are looking for a battery that is reliable with energy that needs to be stored for long periods, a lead acid battery is the solution. In comparison with Lithium and NiMH batteries, lead acid batteries are a cheaper alternative.

The advantages of ANSMANN lead acid batteries:

  • Easily adjustable
  • good cost/performance ratio
  • High cycle durability
  • Long lifetime

ANSMANN manufacture lead acid and lead-gel battery packs according to the client’s requirements.

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ANSMANN has a wide range of standard Li-Ion battery packs, available in both large and small quantities.

Based on common standard cells (e.g. 18650), a variety of standard Li-Ion battery packs are available quickly for bespoke designs that require Li-Ion technology. All of the rechargeable battery packs UN-Transport test approved (UN 38.3). Various series and parallel cell configurations are available, which offer the correct power source for most applications.


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Lithium battery packs: The energy source of the future.

With approximately twice as much energy density as NiMH cells and with a very low self-discharge rate, lithium batteries are the energy source of the future. This technology is the optimal energy source for many applications; from mobile drive to medical technology. In addition, Li-Ion battery packs are thermally stable, highly resistant to cold and have no memory effect.

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