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Induction charging is an alternative when a non-contact power transmission is required.

With this charging approach an electromagnetic field is used for transferring energy between two objects. Therefore, this technique can charge a device without charging contacts or cable.

Made possible by induction technology, charging current can be transmitted from the transmitter (base station) to the receiver (mobile device). The subsequent charging circuit can be customized and used for simple trickle charging for NiMH, lead acid batteries or controlled charging for Li-Ion battery packs. The integration of the complete induction charging circuit in a battery pack can also be achieved. The charging process starts by putting the equivalent device on the induction charger, compatible devices are identified automatically.

Advantages of induction charging are that it carries a far lower risk of electric shocks and there are no contact problems due to contamination or oxidation. This is interesting for applications that are used in harsh environments. In addition, applications can be easily charged in splash and explosion-proof housings.


  • Non-contact charging
  • No mechanical linkage
  • No contact problems due to contamination
  • Splash-proof housings
  • Easy operation