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CC-CV Ladekurve

In addition to custom-tailored system solutions ANSMANN also offers a wide range of standard Li-Ion chargers.

Thanks to an intelligent modular system chargers for all types of Li-Ion technology are available without any additional development. The charging control is adapted to the appropriate battery chemistry.

Using a software-based charging algorithm, customized changes can be made easily.

Country-specific primary plugs, interchangeable primary plugs and individual secondary connectors can be used when creating this kind of system solution.


CC – CV (constant current – constant voltage)

Li-Ion batteries need special chargers being equipped with the CC – CV charging process.

First, the chargers limit the charging current to a permitted value of, for example, 0.5C (i.e. 1000mA for a 2000mA battery). As the voltage is constantly rising during the charging process, it is necessary to ensure that 4.2V, which is an important value for Li-Ion batteries, is not exceeded. This voltage value is also referred to as end-of-charge voltage which is held constant by the charger. If the battery voltage comes very close to the end-of-charge voltage the charging current will decrease. If the charging current falls below a preset value (e.g. 0.05C) the charging process will stop. Instead of using the falling charging current, you can use the time as a switch-off criteria as well. It can be assumed that the battery is fully charged in three hours when using a 1C charging process. In the case of Li-Ion batteries it is important that the charging process is finished completely, as there is no trickle charging. This would damage and destroy the Li-Ion battery over a period of time.