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Lithium battery packs are the ideal power choice for E-Bikes.
With the double high energy density compared to NiMH cells and with their low self-discharge, this technology is the optimal energy source
for all e-bikes.
Li-Ion battery packs are thermally stable, resistant to cold and have no memory effect.

E-Bike Unterrohrakkus

Downtube battery

Technology Li-Ion
Voltage 36V
Capacity up to max. 17.5Ah (630Wh)
Customizable with logo and colour
E-Bike Gepäckträger-Akkus


Technology Li-Ion
Voltage 36V
Capacity 9,0Ah (324 Wh)
11,6Ah (418 Wh)
13,4Ah (482 Wh)
E-Bike Flaschenakku

Flaschen-Akku "Light-Weight"

Technology Li-Ion
Weight 1,8kg
Voltage 36V
Capacity up to 10,2Ah (368Wh)