ANSMANN ENERGY - Bat­tery packs, bat­ter­ies, charg­ers and power sup­plies for every device and application

ANSMANN chargers are specially adapted for ANSMANN battery packs. There is a suitable charger for every application and our chargers have sophisticated charging technology, automatic switch-off and charging indicator. They are easy to operate and overcharging of the batteries is not possible.
Customer specific solutions, logs etc., are possible, depending on quantity.


Das Compact Charger

Small, light, portable

Input 100-240V AC worldwide
Output 42V DC Current 1.400mA
Charging time ca. 6h
Weight 450 g
Part.-No. 9294062

The Fast Charger

Powerfull, fast

Input  100-240V AC worldwide
Output  42V DC Current 2.350mA
Charging time  ca. 3h
Weight  750 g
Part.-No.  3002-0002

The Car Charger

The fast tour charger

Input  12-24V DC
Output  42V DC Current 2.000mA
Charging time  ca. 4h
Weight  375 g
Part.-No.  2040-3017